The straight-grained with a fine and even texture wood


The birch tree belongs to the genus Betula and is a native hardwood. Birch trees are native to North America in over a dozen species, but white birch, yellow birch, and black birch are the most common. The two most commonly used kinds of wood in woodworking are yellow and white birch. When birch is mentioned as an option for fine furniture in the United States, it’s typically referenced as yellow birch wood, sometimes called golden birch. Yellow birch wood is light in color and smooth-grained, not unlike maple wood, although birch tends to yellow more visibly over time.

Properties & Uses

There are many uses for yellow birch wood. The robust nature of this variety made it perfect for furniture. Today, yellow birch wood is mostly used for utilitarian purposes. It’s still used to make furniture because it’s strong, but typically in parts that cannot be seen, such as upholstered chairs or shelving (f.i. Wooden crates and boxes, Flooring, Butcher blocks, cabinets, Wood bowls, Specialty furniture and Plywood)

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