The hardwood, known for making high-quality floors and furniture


Walnuts are known for their light and dark brown color, as well as streaks of dark brown color. The straight grain pattern gives it a fine appearance.
It`s more expensive than many other hardwoods because it is rarer and high in demand. It`s also durable, long-lasting wood (It remains durable for a long time without any maintenance) and resistant to mold and water, so for this reason suitable for exterior application after exterior finishing.

Properties & Uses

The hardwood walnut is a medium-density wood that is strong, durable, stable, and widely used to make interior and exterior furniture. The rich brown color of the wood and its workability make it the ideal material for furniture. Walnut is also commonly used for musical instruments, carvings, trims, cabinets, flooring and wood veneers.

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